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Established – 1960

Nigeria Population: 206 million

Largest Cities by Population:
Lagos – 9, 000, 000
Kano – 3, 626, 068
Ibadan – 3, 565, 108

Nigeria | Land Mass: 923 768 km²

Largest Cities By Land Mass:
Nsukka – 5 545 km²
Gusau – 3364 km²
Ibadan – 3080 km²

Ẹ̀yọ̀ Festival

The Eyo Festival, otherwise known as the Adamu Orisha Play, is a Yoruba festival unique to Lagos, Nigeria. In modern times, it is presented by the people of Lagos as a tourist event and due to its history, is traditionally performed on Lagos Island.

Argungu Fishing Festival

The Argungu Fishing Festival or Argungu Dance Festival is an annual four-day festival in the state of Kebbi, in the north-western part of Northern Nigeria. The majority of the fishermen are followers of Islam and also predominantly farmers.

Leboku New Yam Festival

The Leboku New Yam festival is peculiar to the core Yakạạ speaking communities: Ugep, Idomi, Ekori, Mkpani and Nko, and the international version is celebrated in Ugep once in a year.

Ṣàngó Festival

Sango Festival is an annual festival held among the Yoruba people in honour of Sango, the thunder and fire deity who was a warrior and the third king of the Oyo Empire after succeeding Ajaka his elder brother.

Igue Festival

Igue festival is a celebration with its origin in the Benin Kingdom. It was originally celebrated as a festival to renew Oba Ewuare’s magical powers.

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